Peace Day Burger w/ Burger King

The Story: To promote Peace One Day's Peace Day, Burger King asked McDonalds to team up, in Atlanta, to make the McWhopper. Long story short, McDonald McChickened out and Krystal quickly hopped on to be the first company to offer to team up with Burger King. 


First Shot Fired: This is the first post we sent out to the world that got Burger King's attention.


What happened next: Other brands liked the idea so much that they decided to follow suit. Before we knew it, the partnership grew to creating a Peace Day Burger with several other brands. Here it is below. 


The Event: The day finally came for all of us to come together on Krystal's home turf to create this collaborative pop-up shop. We all had a lot of fun (and indigestion) spreading awareness for an amazing charity.

What's an event without live posting?

What's an event without live posting?